The Obama presidential campaign was an innovation in American politics and American design. For the first time, a candidate used art and design to bring together the American people—capturing their voices in a visual way. The Design Director of the Obama campaign, Scott Thomas, has collaborated with artists and designers to create Designing Obama, a chronicle of the art from the historic campaign.

Get the inside story on how design was used by the campaign, trace the emergence of ideas and images over the course of the election, and scope out the amazing art created by artists and grassroots supporters. It's the definitive account of the vision of thousands of people across the United States—all in one volume.

Using the same grassroots fundraising model as the campaign, the book was created through Kickstarter, a new company dedicated to funding creative endeavors through small donations by committed individuals. Using the Obama fundraising model was the perfect way to insure the book's quality and integrity. People around the country supported the book, funded its creation, and changed the way we think about publishing. Now you can be part of the revolution.

Photographs of the book

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